Life Drawing Class Formats

Life Drawing Class Formats

Life Drawing Class Formats

 Nude Painting Life Drawing Class Formats
A Painting from the Wednesday Morning Life Class

Wednesday MORNING Life Class (Drawing and Painting) 10am -1pm, £25

In this class students are given time to resolve more ambitious drawings or paintings. They will receive individually tailored and focused tuition, to suit their needs and goals. In order that students can apply sophisticated and advanced techniques, the model will often take up the same pose for the whole of the session, and return to that pose in subsequent weeks for a total of up to five sessions or 15 hours. £25 session.
people drawing in a portrait class
A Wednesday Evening Portrait Class

Wednesday EVENING Portrait Drawing and Painting Class (clothed model) 7-9pm, £14

This art class is geared to giving students an opportunity to draw the face. We use a different model every week, and the model is clothed and undertakes the same pose for two hours with three short breaks. This format allows for the creation of a more resolved drawing, and the use of colour. Tuition provided individually. £14 session
Life Drawing Class Formats male nude
Painting from Life Class

All Day Life Drawing/Painting Class 9.30-4.30pm Feb 11th and then on the second Monday of each month. £50

This class provides the opportunity to work from the model for a sustained period of time and is suitable for painters and those wanting to make larger or more detailed drawings. The model takes up the same pose all day. Individual tuition is provided in colour mixing, mark making, and composition, as well as the basics of proportion and perspective. £50. Booking advised.

All Day Life Drawing 10am-4.00pm on the last Saturday of each Month. £50

This class begins with series of short poses in the morning before finishing with a long pose in the afternoon. The format enables people to warm up and encourages a more relaxed approach to each drawing. Tuition provided. £50. Booking advised.


Life Drawing Class
Life Class
Portraits from Life Drawing Class Formats
Watercolour from Portrait Class

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