Life Drawing Frequently Asked Questions

Life Drawing Frequently Asked Questions

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Beginner drawing before life drawing classes
Harry’s life drawing before teachng


Beginner drawing after life drawing class
Harry’s life drawing after teaching- same class
Life Drawing Class Formats, Times, and Prices:

Classes are no longer running!

The classes are for all levels of ability so you are most welcome to attend them. Beginners are very welcome. Most people start in the classes as beginners so the groups are very welcoming and encouraging. This also means the classes are geared to helping beginners to a level of competence – and enjoyment- as quickly as possible. 
Do I have to bring my own materials?
In terms of materials, I provide easels, boards, clips, pencils, charcoal, charcoal pencils and rubbers for free. There is a small price for paper to deter wastefulness. It is cost price. I have white cartridge, and a heavier grey sugar paper, and both cost 20p per A2 sheet.
Are there any spaces on the course?
The classes run on a ‘drop in’ basis, meaning you can just turn up and ‘drop in.’ No advance booking is required. It is advised that you arrive a few minutes early just in case the class is exceptionally busy. Places are allocated on a ‘first come, first served,’ basis at each class.
Can I drop in or do I have to pay for a term?
You do not have to pay for a whole term to attend the classes. You can pay per class you attend. You are welcome to drop in when you can, or to attend every class. Either way, each time you come I will pick up with you where you left off. Everyone develops at different rates and with different strengths, and so each student is tutored separately, according to their individual requirements.
How many people attend the classes?
The space will comfortably accommodate about twelve students working at easels. In a class of that size each student will receive an average of 5 minutes tuition an hour. Some people prefer not to receive tuition when they are working, and on different days some students require more time than others.

Artist at easel with model and student
Francis teaching in the Life Drawing Class
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